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Todos los vídeos, tráilers y gameplays de Videojuegos, te ofrecemos actualizados diariamente los últimos vídeos promocionales de juegos, así como semanalmente nuestro programa Videoanálisis.

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Vídeos y tráilers de Videojuegos letra R

R-Type Dimensions PSN21/5/2014PS31
R-Type Dimensions XBLA4/2/2009X3602
R-Type Tactics26/9/2008PSP1
R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter ChocolateAño 2010PSP1
R.A.W. - Realms Of Ancient War11/10/2012PC8
R.A.W. - Realms Of Ancient War PSN19/9/2012PS38
R.A.W. - Realms Of Ancient War XBLA19/9/2012X3608
R: Racing1/4/2004PS22
R: Racing1/4/2004GCN2
R: Racing1/4/2004XBOX2
Rabbids 3D31/3/20113DS3
Rabbids Big Bang17/10/2013iPhone2
Rabbids Big Bang17/10/2013Android2
Rabbids Go Phone Again29/3/2012iPhone1
Rabbids Land30/11/2012WiiU11
Rabbids Rumble15/11/20123DS3
Rabbids: Mi Caaasa!!!5/11/2009WII20
Rabbids: Mi Caaasa!!!5/11/2009NDS8
Rabbids: Vivitos & oKupando el salón3/11/2011X3606
RACE 07 - The official WTCC Game12/10/2007PC3
Race Driver: Create & Race12/10/2007NDS3
Race Driver: GRID30/5/2008X36013
Race Driver: GRID30/5/2008PS313
Race Driver: GRID30/5/2008PC13
Race Driver: GRID30/5/2008NDS2
Race ON11/2/2010PC5
RACE Pro20/2/2009X36032
Race the Sun19/8/2013PC1
Race the SunAño 2014PS41
Race the Sun PSNAño 2014PS31
Race the Sun PSNAño 2014PSVITA1
RaceRoom Racing Experience12/2/2013PC1
Racers' Island - Crazy Arenas WiiW22/10/2010WII1
Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers WiiWAño 2010WII1
Racket Sports Party25/3/2010WII1
RAD Soldiers7/12/2012iPhone1
Radiant HistoriaAño 2011NDS2
Radiata StoriesAño 2005PS21
Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic PSN9/4/2009PS32
Rage HD30/11/2010iPhone1
Rage of the Gladiator eShop19/9/20133DS1
Rage of the Gladiator WiiW16/4/2009WII11
Rage RideAbril 2015PC1
Ragnarok Odyssey20/2/2013PSVITA3
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace PSN30/4/2014PSVITA2
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace PSN30/4/2014PS32
Ragnarok Online DSAño 2009NDS1
Raid OnlineAño 2009PC1
Raiden Fighters AcesAño 2008X3603
Raiden IV: Overkill PSN28/5/2014PS31
Rail Simulator26/9/2007PC1
Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage11/11/2013PC1
rain PSN2/10/2013PS39
Rain WorldAño 2014PSVITA1
Rain WorldAño 2014PC1
Rainblood 2: City of FlameCanceladoPC1
Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure WiiW8/5/2009WII1
Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure XBLA28/10/2009X3600
Rainbow Moon PSNJulio 2012PS35
Rainbow Moon PSN4/12/2013PSVITA1
Rainbow Six PatriotsCanceladoX3602
Rainbow Six PatriotsCanceladoPS32
Rainbow Six SiegeAño 2015PC4
Rainbow Six SiegeAño 2015PS42
Rainbow Six SiegeAño 2015XBOne2
Rainbow Six: Vegas30/11/2006X3603
Rainbow Six: Vegas28/6/2007PS34
Rainbow Six: Vegas14/12/2006PC3
Rainy WoodsAño 2008PS31
Rainy WoodsAño 2008X3601
Rallisport Challenge 27/5/2004XBOX1
Randal's Monday12/11/2014PC3
RandallAño 2014X3601
RandallAño 2014PC1
Rango The Video Game24/2/2011PS31
Rango The Video Game24/2/2011X3601
Rango The Video Game24/2/2011WII1
Rapala Fishing Frenzy Año 2009PS31
Rapala for Kinect14/11/2011X3601
Rapala: We Fish6/11/2009WII1
Rappelz: An Epic of The Absolute CreatureAño 2009PC5
Rasher Basher3/11/2010iPhone1
Raskulls XBLA29/12/2010X3602
Ratatouille Julio 2007PS31
Ratatouille Julio 2007X3601
Ratatouille Julio 2007WII1
Ratatouille Julio 2007PC1
RatatouilleJulio 2007PS21
Ratchet & ClankAño 2015PS41
Ratchet & Clank Future: En busca del Tesoro PSN21/8/2008PS32
Ratchet & Clank: El Tamaño Importa16/5/2007PSP1
Ratchet & Clank: El Tamaño Importa25/3/2008PS22
Ratchet & Clank: Nexus14/11/2013PS34
Ratchet & Clank: QForce4/12/2012PS33
Ratchet & Clank: QForce PSN22/5/2013PSVITA3
Ratchet and Clank: Atrapados en el tiempo5/11/2009PS311
Ratchet and Clank: Todos para uno20/10/2011PS310
Ratchet y Clank: Armados hasta los dientes14/11/2007PS34
Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger18/9/2009PC5
Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger18/9/2009X3605
Raven's Cry14/1/2015PS31
Raven's Cry14/10/2014PC1
Raven's Cry14/1/2015X3601
Ravensword: Shadowlands6/12/2013PC1
Raving Rabbids: Regreso al Pasado25/11/2010WII12
Ray's the DeadAño 2014PC1
Ray's the DeadAño 2014PSVITA1
Ray's the DeadAño 2014PS41
RaycatcherAbril 2009PC1
Rayman 3 HD PSNMarzo 2012PS35
Rayman 3 HD XBLAMarzo 2012X3605
Rayman 3D25/3/20113DS1
Rayman Fiesta Run7/11/2013iPhone2
Rayman Fiesta Run7/11/2013Android2
Rayman Jungle Run20/9/2012Android4
Rayman Jungle Run18/9/2012iPhone4
Rayman Legends29/8/2013PC5
Rayman Legends13/9/2013PSVITA6
Rayman Legends29/8/2013X3608
Rayman Legends29/8/2013WiiU25
Rayman Legends29/8/2013PS38
Rayman LegendsRumoreado/Nunca existió3DS1
Rayman Legends20/2/2014PS41
Rayman Legends20/2/2014XBOne1
Rayman Origins24/11/2011PS311
Rayman Origins24/11/2011WII11
Rayman Origins24/11/2011X36011
Rayman Origins29/3/2012PC7
Rayman Origins8/6/20123DS5
Rayman Origins22/2/2012PSVITA5
Rayman Raving Rabbids7/12/2006PS21
Rayman Raving RabbidsDiciembre 2006GCN1
Rayman Raving RabbidsDiciembre 2006XBOX1
Rayman Raving Rabbids29/3/2007X3601
Rayman Raving RabbidsCanceladoPS31
Rayman Raving Rabbids7/12/2006WII2
Rayman Raving Rabbids 222/11/2007NDS2
Rayman Raving Rabbids 215/11/2007WII12
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party20/11/2008WII25
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party20/11/2008NDS3
Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution27/3/2009WII23
Ready to RunAño 2014PS41
Real Boxing15/11/2012iPhone1
Real Boxing PSN28/8/2013PSVITA1
Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper DSiW25/6/2010NDS1
Real Futbol 200811/10/2007NDS1
Real Heroes: FirefightersJulio 2009WII1
Real Madrid Starscup5/3/2012iPhone1
Real Racing 328/2/2013iPhone5
Real Racing 328/2/2013Android1
Real Soccer 2009 DSiWare24/4/2009NDS2
Real Time Conflict: Shogun EmpiresOctubre 2005NDS1
Real Whales3/1/2014iPhone1
Real Whales3/1/2014Android1
Reality Fighters22/2/2012PSVITA5
Realm of the TitansAño 2011PC6
Record of Agarest WarAño 2010X3601
Record of Agarest War PSNAño 2009PSX2
Red Baron Arcade PSNAño 2008PS31
Red Bull Air Race12/9/2014iPhone1
Red Bull Air Race12/9/2014Android1
Red Dead Redemption21/5/2010X36029
Red Dead Redemption21/5/2010PS329
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare26/11/2010PS37
Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare26/11/2010X3607
Red Dead Revolver15/6/2004PS21
Red Dead Revolver15/6/2004XBOX1
Red Faction 29/06/2003GCN1
Red Faction 29/06/2003XBOX1
Red Faction: Armageddon10/6/2011PS315
Red Faction: Armageddon10/6/2011X36015
Red Faction: Armageddon10/6/2011PC15
Red Faction: Battlegrounds PSN8/4/2011PS31
Red Faction: Battlegrounds XBLA8/4/2011X3601
Red Faction: Guerrilla12/6/2009PS326
Red Faction: Guerrilla12/6/2009X36025
Red Faction: Guerrilla18/9/2009PC24
Red GoddessAño 2015PC1
Red GoddessAño 2015WiiU1
Red GoddessAño 2015PSVITA1
Red GoddessAño 2015PS41
Red Johnson's Chronicles20/4/2011PS33
Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All17/1/2013PC2
Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All PSN12/9/2012PS32
Red Johnson’s Chronicles – One Against All XBLASeptiembre 2012X3602
Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad14/9/2011PC1
Red Steel7/12/2006WII1
Red Steel 225/3/2010WII29
Reel Fishing Angler's DreamAño 2009WII4
Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land8/11/20133DS2
Reign of ThunderAño 2014PC1
Remember Me7/6/2013PS318
Remember Me7/6/2013X36018
Remember Me7/6/2013PC17
Remington Great American Bird HuntAño 2009WII1
Remote Racers DSiW13/5/2011NDS1
Renegade Ops27/10/2011PC6
Renegade Ops PSN14/9/2011PS35
Renegade Ops XBLA14/9/2011X3605
Renegade-XAño 2014PC1
Republic: The Revolution8/9/2003PC1
Requiem: BloodymareAño 2008PC3
ReRollAño 2015PC1
Reservoir Dogs15/9/2006PS21
Reservoir Dogs15/9/2006XBOX2
Reservoir Dogs15/9/2006PC2
ResetAño 2014PC2
Resident Evil 418/3/2005GCN4
Resident Evil 44/11/2005PS21
Resident Evil 4 HD PSN20/9/2011PS32
Resident Evil 4 HD XBLA20/9/2011X3602
Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition28/2/2014PC3
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition29/6/2007WII4
Resident Evil 518/9/2009PC1
Resident Evil 513/3/2009X36041
Resident Evil 513/3/2009PS343
Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition12/3/2010PS39
Resident Evil 62/10/2012PS350
Resident Evil 62/10/2012X36050
Resident Evil 622/3/2013PC51
Resident Evil Code: Veronica HD PSN27/9/2011PS31
Resident Evil Code: Veronica HD XBLA27/9/2011X3601
Resident Evil HD RemasterAño 2015PS42
Resident Evil HD RemasterAño 2015XBOne2
Resident Evil HD RemasterAño 2015PS32
Resident Evil HD RemasterAño 2015X3602
Resident Evil HD RemasterAño 2015PC2
Resident Evil Outbreak24/9/2004PS22
Resident Evil Revelations27/1/20123DS19
Resident Evil Revelations24/5/2013PS315
Resident Evil Revelations24/5/2013X36015
Resident Evil Revelations24/5/2013PC15
Resident Evil Revelations24/5/2013WiiU16
Resident Evil Revelations 2Año 2015PS43
Resident Evil Revelations 2Año 2015XBOne3
Resident Evil Revelations 2Año 2015PS33
Resident Evil Revelations 2Año 2015X3603
Resident Evil Revelations 2Año 2015PC3
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles30/11/2007WII16
Resident Evil Wii Edition26/6/2009WII10
Resident Evil Zero Wii Edition22/1/2010WII5
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection PSN27/6/2012PS36
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City23/3/2012PS318
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City23/3/2012X36019
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City18/5/2012PC17
Resident Evil: Revival Selection20/9/2011X3604
Resident Evil: Revival Selection20/9/2011PS34
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles27/11/2009WII18
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D1/7/20113DS13
Resistance 228/11/2008PS313
Resistance 38/9/2011PS330
Resistance Retribution19/3/2009PSP11
Resistance: Burning Skies30/5/2012PSVITA7
Resistance: Fall of Man23/3/2007PS34
Resonance of Fate26/3/2010PS310
Resonance of Fate26/3/2010X36010
Restaurant Empire 2 30/3/2009PC2
Retro City Rampage9/10/2012PC2
Retro City Rampage DX20/2/20143DS2
Retro City Rampage PSN16/1/2013PSVITA3
Retro City Rampage PSN16/1/2013PS32
Retro City Rampage WiiW28/2/2013WII16
Retro City Rampage XBLA2/1/2013X3602
Retro Game Challenge 2Año 2009NDS9
Retro Pocket DSiW16/5/2013NDS1
Retro Pocket eShop16/5/20133DS1
Retro/Grade PSN22/8/2012PS31
RetryAño 2014iPhone1
RetryAño 2014Android1
ReVeNAño 2014WiiU1
ReVeNAño 2014PC1
Rex RocketAño 2014WiiU1
Rex Rocket5/8/2014PC1
Rez HD XBLA30/1/2008X3601
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure27/3/2009NDS1
Rhiannon - Beyond to MabinogionAño 2008PC1
Rhythm HunterAño 20143DS1
Rhythm Paradise29/5/2009NDS20
Rhythm Thief y el Misterio del Emperador4/4/20123DS2
Richard & Alice5/6/2014PC1
RideAño 2015PS31
RideAño 2015PS41
RideAño 2015X3601
RideAño 2015XBOne1
RideAño 2015PC1
Ride 'em Low4/11/2013PC1
Ride to HellAño 2009PS31
Ride to HellAño 2009X3601
Ride to HellAño 2009PC1
Ride to Hell: Retribution28/6/2013PS34
Ride to Hell: Retribution28/6/2013PC4
Ride to Hell: Retribution28/6/2013X3604
Ride to Hell: Route 666Año 2014PC2
Ride to Hell: Route 666Año 2014PS32
Ride to Hell: Route 666Año 2014X3602
Ridge Racer1/9/2005PSP2
Ridge Racer 3DS25/3/20113DS5
Ridge Racer 619/1/2006X3601
Ridge Racer 723/3/2007PS33
Ridge Racer DriftopiaAño 2014PC2
Ridge Racer Driftopia PSNAño 2014PS32
Ridge Racer Slipstream19/12/2013iPhone1
Ridge Racer SlipstreamDiciembre 2013Android1
Ridge Racer Unbounded30/3/2012PS319
Ridge Racer Unbounded30/3/2012X36019
Ridge Racer Unbounded30/3/2012PC19
Ridge Racer Vita22/2/2012PSVITA4
Rig 'n' RollAño 2008PC1
RilakkumaAño 2009WII1
RimeAño 2015PS43
Rio The Video Game8/4/2011X3601
Rio The Video Game8/4/2011PS31
Rio The Video Game8/4/2011WII1
Rio The Video Game8/4/2011NDS1
Rise of IncarnatesAño 2014PC4
Rise of Legends26/5/2006PC1
Rise of ManaAño 2014iPhone1
Rise of ManaAño 2014Android1
Rise of Mana Año 2015PSVITA1
Rise of Nations: Extended Edition12/6/2014PC1
Rise of Nightmares9/9/2011X3607
Rise of Prussia9/3/2010PC2
Rise of the Argonauts12/12/2008X36018
Rise of the ArgonautsFebrero 2009PS318
Rise of the ArgonautsFebrero 2009PC18
Rise of the Blobs16/1/2013iPhone1
Rise of the Blobs16/1/2013Android1
Rise of the Tomb RaiderAño 2015XBOne1
Rise of the Triad31/7/2013PC5
Risen 2: Dark Waters3/8/2012PS320
Risen 2: Dark Waters3/8/2012X36020
Risen 2: Dark Waters27/4/2012PC18
Risen 3: Titan Lords15/8/2014PC4
Risen 3: Titan Lords15/8/2014PS34
Risen 3: Titan Lords15/8/2014X3604
Rising GeneralsAño 2014iPhone2
Rising GeneralsAño 2014Android2
Rising GeneralsAño 2014PC2
Risk of Rain8/11/2013PC1
Risk: Factions XBLA23/6/2010X3608
RIVEAño 2015PC1
RIVEAño 2015WiiU1
RIVEAño 2015XBOne1
RIVEAño 2015PS41
Riviera: The Promised Land4/4/2008PSP1
Road Not Taken5/8/2014PC4
Road Not Taken6/8/2014PS44
Road Not TakenAño 2014PSVITA3
Road RedemptionAño 2014WiiU3
Road RedemptionAño 2014PC3
Road Redemption XBLAAño 2014X3602
Robert Ludlum's La Conspiración Bourne27/6/2008X36013
Robert Ludlum's La Conspiración Bourne27/6/2008PS313
Robin Hood: The Return of Richard WiiW21/5/2010WII1
RobocalypseAño 2008NDS6
Robocalypse - Beaver Defense WiiW4/6/2010WII3
RobocopAño 2014Android1
Robot Rescue DSiW12/11/2010NDS1
Robot Rescue Revolution PSN4/12/2013PS31
Robox WiiW24/9/2010WII2
Rochard PSN28/9/2011PS34
Rock Band2/10/2008PS38
Rock Band29/7/2008X3607
Rock Band2/10/2008WII5
Rock Band2/10/2008PS25
Rock Band 328/10/2010X3604
Rock Band 328/10/2010PS34
Rock Band 328/10/2010WII4
Rock Band 328/10/2010NDS1
Rock Band Blitz PSN29/8/2012PS31
Rock Band Blitz XBLA29/8/2012X3601
Rock Band ReloadedNoviembre 2010iPhone1
Rock Band Unplugged18/6/2009PSP1
Rock of Ages 7/9/2011PC5
Rock of Ages XBLA31/8/2011X3602
Rock of the DeadAño 2010WII1
Rock Revolution14/5/2009X3602
Rock Revolution9/7/2009PS32
Rock Revolution9/7/2009WII1
Rock Revolution14/5/2009NDS1
Rocket Knight12/5/2010PC2
Rocket Knight PSN18/5/2010PS32
Rocket Knight XBLA12/5/2010X3602
Rocket Riot XBLA17/6/2009X3601
Rocketball XBLA20/2/2008X3601
Rocketbirds 2 EvolutionAño 2014PS41
Rocketbirds 2 EvolutionAño 2014PSVITA1
Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken15/10/2012PC1
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken PSN19/10/2011PS32
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken PSN13/2/2013PSVITA3
RocketBowl XBLA10/9/2008X3602
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil PSN6/3/2008PS35
Rocketmen: Axis of Evil XBLA5/3/2008X3605
RocksmithSeptiembre 2012X36010
RocksmithSeptiembre 2012PS310
Rocksmith 2014 Edition24/10/2013PC9
Rocksmith 2014 Edition24/10/2013X3609
Rocksmith 2014 Edition24/10/2013PS39
Rodea the Sky SoldierAño 2014WII1
Rodea the Sky SoldierAño 20143DS1
Rogue Galaxy5/9/2007PS21
Rogue Legacy27/6/2013PC1
Rogue Legacy30/7/2014PS42
Rogue Legacy PSN30/7/2014PSVITA2
Rogue Legacy PSN30/7/2014PS32
Rogue Trooper21/4/2006PS21
Rogue Trooper21/4/2006XBOX1
Rogue Trooper21/4/2006PC1
Rogue Trooper19/2/2009WII3
Rogue Warrior27/11/2009X3601
Rogue Warrior27/11/2009PC1
Rogue Warrior27/11/2009PS31
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D26/10/20123DS2
RollerCoaster Tycoon 4Año 2014PC1
RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 MobileAño 2014iPhone1
RollerCoaster Tycoon WorldAño 2015PC1
Rollers of the RealmAño 2014PC1
Rollers of the RealmAño 2014PS41
Rollers of the Realm PSNAño 2014PSVITA1
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI8/9/2008PC1
Rondo of SwordsAño 2008NDS1
RoogooJulio 2009NDS1
Roogoo: Twisted TowersJulio 2009WII1
Rooms: The Main Building21/5/2010NDS1
Rooms: The Main BuildingMayo 2010WII1
Rosario to VampireAño 2009NDS3
RotasticAño 2012PC3
Rotastic PSN5/12/2012PS33
Rotastic XBLA21/9/2011X3603
RoundaboutAño 2014XBOne2
RoundaboutAño 2014PS42
Routine Año 2014PC1
Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush WiiW11/12/2009WII3
Rubik's World31/10/2008WII4
Rubik's World31/10/2008NDS4
Rugby World Cup 201126/8/2011X3602
Rugby World Cup 201126/8/2011PS32
Rule of Rose3/11/2006PS21
Rumble Roses XXAño 2006X3607
Run Like Hell!17/9/2014PSVITA1
Run Roo Run12/1/2012iPhone1
Run Sheldon!4/4/2013iPhone1
Runaway 221/6/2007PC3
Runaway 2, The Dream of the Turtle25/3/2009WII1
Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle15/6/2009NDS2
Runaway: A Twist of Fate25/3/2010PC5
Runaway: A Twist of Fate29/4/2010NDS3
Runaway: A Twist of Fate - Part 128/3/2013iPhone1
Runaway: The Dream Of The Turtle17/10/2013iPhone1
Rune Factory 4Año 20143DS1
Rune Factory Frontier16/4/2010WII5
Rune Factory Oceans25/5/2012PS31
Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest MoonNoviembre 2008NDS1
Rune Factory: Tides of DestinyAño 2011WII1
RunemasterAño 2014PC1
Runes of Avalon 2 Año 2008PC1
Runes of Magic19/9/2009PC14
Rurouni Kenshin SaisenAño 2011PSP1
Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot PSN30/3/2011PS31
Rush'N Attack Ex-Patriot XBLA30/3/2011X3601
RustAño 2014PC2
Rusty's Real Deal BaseballAño 20143DS1
Rygar: The Battle of Argus28/8/2009WII9
Ryse: Son of Rome22/11/2013XBOne35
Ryse: Son of Rome10/10/2014PC1
Rytmik DSiW7/5/2010NDS1