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Todos los vídeos, tráilers y gameplays de Videojuegos, te ofrecemos actualizados diariamente los últimos vídeos promocionales de juegos, así como semanalmente nuestro programa Videoanálisis.

Archivo de vídeos Videojuegos

Vídeos y tráilers de Videojuegos letra P

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions31/8/20113DS2
Pac-Man +Tournaments25/3/2013Android1
Pac-Man Championship Edition6/6/2007X3601
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX PSN24/11/2010PS33
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX XBLA17/11/2010X3603
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+25/9/2013PC1
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ PSN24/10/2010PS31
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ XBLA25/9/2013X3601
Pac-Man Dash!20/7/2013Android1
Pac-Man Dash!20/7/2013iPhone1
Pac-Man Museum26/2/2014PC1
Pac-Man Museum PSN26/2/2014PS31
Pac-Man Museum XBLA26/2/2014X3601
PAC-MAN Party26/11/2010WII7
Pac-Man Party 3D10/2/20123DS1
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales21/2/2014WiiU2
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales21/2/20143DS1
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales21/2/2014PS32
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales21/2/2014X3602
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales 217/10/2014WiiU5
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales 217/10/20143DS4
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales 217/10/2014X3605
Pac-Man y las Aventuras Fantasmales 217/10/2014PS35
Pacific Rim XBLA12/7/2013X3601
Pacific Storm: Allies5/11/2007PC1
Padre de Familia26/1/2007PS21
Padre de Familia26/1/2007XBOX1
Page Chronica PSN5/12/2012PS31
Pain Museum PSNAño 2009PS31
Pain PSN20/3/2008PS312
Painkiller OverdoseAño 2008PC1
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation31/10/2012PC3
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation16/7/2013PS32
Painkiller: Hell & Damnation16/7/2013X3602
Painkiller: Resurrection30/10/2009PC1
Pallurikio WiiW11/12/2009WII1
PamelaAño 2015PC1
Pandora Saga16/12/2010PC1
Pandora's Tower13/4/2012WII10
Pang: Magical Michael17/9/2010NDS1
Pangya! Golf with Style8/6/2007WII1
Pangya! Golf with Style 227/6/2008WII1
PanoramicalAño 2015PC1
Panzer Command: KharkovMarzo 2008PC1
Panzer Tactics DS15/1/2008NDS3
PaparazziAño 2015PS42
Paper Mario Sticker Star7/12/20123DS9
Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder MiniAgosto 2010PSP1
Paper Zombie12/9/2011iPhone2
PaperboundAbril 2015PS41
Papers, Please8/8/2013PC1
Papo & Yo PSN15/8/2012PS34
ParabellumAño 2009PC1
ParabellumAño 2009X3601
Paradise Lost: First ContactAño 2015PC2
Paradise Lost: First ContactAño 2015WiiU1
Paradise Lost: First ContactAño 2015Android1
Paradise NeverAño 2015PC1
Paranautical Activity14/2/2013PC1
PaRappa the Rapper PSP11/7/2007PSP2
Parashoot Stan15/12/2012iPhone1
Party Wave20/7/2012iPhone1
Patapon 212/3/2009PSP5
Patapon 314/4/2011PSP5
Path of Exile23/10/2013PC4
PathologicAño 2016PC1
Patrician IV25/11/2010PC4
Pavilion PSNAño 2015PS45
Pavilion PSNAño 2015PSVITA5
Payday 213/8/2013PC9
Payday 216/8/2013X3608
Payday 216/8/2013PS38
PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition18/6/2015XBOne9
PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition18/6/2015PS49
PAYDAY: The Heist18/10/2011PC7
PAYDAY: The Heist PSN2/11/2011PS37
Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising WiiW16/7/2010WII2
Peavox: Escape Virus WiiWAño 2009WII1
Peggle 2Año 2015PC2
Peggle 29/12/2013XBOne3
Peggle 215/10/2014PS44
Peggle Blast2/12/2014iPhone1
Peggle Blast2/12/2014Android1
PenariumAño 2015PC1
Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of DarknessAño 2008PC1
Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two29/10/2008PC4
Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two PSN29/10/2008PS34
Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode Two XBLA29/10/2008X3604
Penny Arcade Adventures - On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness XBLA21/5/2008X3601
Penumbra Collection17/2/2009PC2
Penumbra: Black Plague21/2/2008PC5
Penumbra: Black Plague - Requiem23/3/2009PC1
Percy Jackson y El Ladrón del Rayo18/2/2010NDS1
Perfect Dark XBLA17/3/2010X3601
Perfect World InternationalAño 2008PC5
Perimeter 2Año 2008PC6
Perry RhodanAño 2008PC1
Persona 2: Innocent Sin18/11/2011PSP2
Persona 329/2/2008PS216
Persona 3 Portable29/4/2011PSP3
Persona 413/3/2009PS221
Persona 4 Arena10/5/2013PS319
Persona 4 Arena10/5/2013X36019
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax21/11/2014PS352
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax21/11/2014X36050
Persona 4 Golden22/2/2013PSVITA11
Persona 4: Dancing All Night Año 2015PSVITA13
Persona 5Año 2015PS34
Persona 5Año 2015PS42
Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth28/11/20143DS48
PerturbiaAño 2016PC1
Pet Alien18/5/2007NDS1
Pet Vet: Down UnderAño 2008NDS1
Pet Zombies in 3DAño 20113DS1
PetrogradAño 2009PC1
Petz Rescue: Wildlife VetAño 2008NDS1
Petz Sports Dog PlaygroundDiciembre 2008WII1
Phantasy Star II XBLAAño 2009X3601
Phantasy Star NovaAño 2015PSVITA4
Phantasy Star Online 2Julio 2012PC5
Phantasy Star Online 2Año 2015PSVITA8
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2Año 2015PSVITA1
Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode 2Año 2015PC1
Phantasy Star Portable17/4/2009PSP3
Phantasy Star Portable 210/9/2010PSP1
Phantasy Star Universe24/11/2006PS21
Phantasy Star Universe24/11/2006PC1
Phantasy Star Universe24/11/2006X3601
Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illumines25/1/2008PC1
Phantasy Star Universe: Illumines' Ambition25/1/2008PS21
Phantasy Star Universe: Illumines' Ambition20/11/2007X3601
Phantasy Star Zero12/2/2010NDS7
Phantom BraveWII3
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds PSN30/7/2014PSVITA1
Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds27/2/2013X3601
Phantom DustAño 2004XBOX1
Phantom DustAño 2015XBOne1
Phineas y Ferb17/4/2009NDS1
Phineas y Ferb: A Través de la Segunda Dimensión15/9/2011PS31
Phineas y Ferb: A Través de la Segunda Dimensión15/9/2011WII1
Phineas y Ferb: Ride Again1/4/2011NDS1
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies eShop24/10/20133DS11
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations3/10/2008NDS3
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations WiiW21/5/2010WII1
Photo Dojo DSiW19/3/2010NDS1
Picotto Knights PSNAño 2015PSVITA1
Picross 3D5/3/2010NDS3
Picross DS11/5/2007NDS1
Picross e2 eShop24/1/20133DS1
PIcto Image DSAño 2008NDS1
PictoImageSeptiembre 2008NDS1
Picture LivesCancelado3DS2
Pid XBLA31/10/2012X3603
Pier Solar and the Great Architects30/9/2014PC4
Pier Solar and the Great Architects21/11/2014XBOne3
Pier Solar and the Great Architects eShop27/11/2014WiiU5
Pier Solar and the Great Architects PSN12/11/2014PS33
Pier Solar and the Great Architects PSN12/11/2014PS43
Pier Solar and the Great Architects PSNAño 2015PSVITA3
Pier Solar HDAño 2015Android4
Pier Solar HDAño 2015iPhone3
Pier Solar HD XBLACanceladoX3601
Pikmin 215/10/2004GCN1
Pikmin 224/4/2009WII2
Pikmin 326/7/2013WiiU20
PillarsAño 2016PC1
Pillars of Eternity26/3/2015PC5
Pilotwings Resort25/3/20113DS3
Pinball Arcade18/12/2013PS41
Pinball Arcade26/11/2014XBOne1
Pinball FX XBLA25/4/2007X3601
Pinball FX210/5/2013PC5
Pinball FX228/8/2014XBOne3
Pinball FX2 XBLA13/10/2010X36010
Pinball FX2: Star Wars27/2/2013X3601
Pineview Drive31/7/2014PC5
Pingu Waku Waku CarnivalAño 2009NDS2
Pippi CalzaslargasAño 20153DS1
Piratas del Caribe OnlineNoviembre 2007PC2
Piratas del Caribe: En el Fin del Mundo22/5/2007WII9
Piratas del Caribe: En el Fin del Mundo22/5/2007PS37
Piratas del Caribe: En el Fin del Mundo22/5/2007X3607
Piratas del Caribe: En el Fin del Mundo22/5/2007PS26
Piratas del Caribe: En el Fin del Mundo22/5/2007PC7
Pirates of the Burning Sea22/1/2008PC4
Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the DamnedCanceladoPC1
Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the DamnedCanceladoX3601
Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the DamnedCanceladoPS31
Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the DamnedCanceladoWII1
Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball12/6/2009WII1
Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball XBLA3/9/2008X3605
Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs PandasDiciembre 2010iPhone1
Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas: Puzzle Wars18/3/2011iPhone1
Pirates. Treasure HuntersAño 2015PC1
Pit Crew Panic5/12/2008WII1
Pix the Cat8/10/2014PS41
Pix the Cat8/10/2014PSVITA2
Pix the Cat29/1/2015PC1
Pixel GalaxyAño 2015XBOne1
Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic6/2/2015PC1
Pixel Piracy31/7/2014PC1
PixelJunk 4am PSNMayo 2012PS32
PixelJunk Eden PSNJulio 2008PS33
PixelJunk Inc.CanceladoPC1
PixelJunk Monsters DeluxeAño 2009PSP1
PixelJunk Monsters PSN24/1/2008PS31
PixelJunk Shooter 2 PSN2/3/2011PS33
PixelJunk Shooter PSNDiciembre 2009PS35
PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate4/6/2014PS41
PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PSN4/6/2014PSVITA1
PixelJunk SideScroller PSN26/10/2011PS32
Pizza Delivery BoyAño 2010WII1
Plague Inc: EvolvedAño 2015PC1
Plague Inc: EvolvedAño 2015XBOne1
Plain Sight9/4/2010PC2
Plan BAño 2010PC1
Planes: Fire & Rescue14/11/2014WII1
Planes: Fire & Rescue14/11/20143DS1
Planes: Fire & Rescue14/11/2014WiiU1
Planet 5113/11/2009PS35
Planet 5113/11/2009X3605
Planet 5113/11/2009WII4
Planet 5113/11/2009NDS4
Planet 51 OnlineNoviembre 2009PC2
Planet ApolionAño 2015PC1
Planet CentauriAño 2015PC1
Planet Defense Force22/6/2012iPhone1
Planet Minigolf PSN2/6/2010PS32
Planet PachinkoMarzo 2009WII2
Planetary Annihilation5/9/2014PC1
PlanetSide 220/11/2012PC18
Planetside 2Año 2015PS42
Plantas contra ZombiesAño 2010iPhone3
Plants vs Zombies5/5/2009PC4
Plants vs Zombies XBLA7/9/2010X3604
Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time15/8/2013iPhone6
Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time24/10/2013Android2
Plants vs. Zombies DSiW6/5/2011NDS4
Plants vs. Zombies PSNFebrero 2011PS34
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare27/2/2014XBOne17
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare27/2/2014X36016
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare26/6/2014PC17
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare21/8/2014PS35
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare21/8/2014PS46
PLATTCHEN twist 'n' paint12/9/2008WII2
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale22/11/2012PS360
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale22/11/2012PSVITA45
PlayStation All-Stars Island8/8/2013iPhone1
PlayStation All-Stars Island8/8/2013Android1
PlayStation Home11/12/2008PS317
PlayStation Move Heroes28/3/2011PS36
PlayStation Vita Pets4/6/2014PSVITA2
PlayStation Vita Pets: Sala de cachorros9/4/2014Android1
PlayStation Vita Pets: Sala de cachorros17/4/2014iPhone1
Plunder Pirates16/9/2014iPhone1
Pneuma: Breath of Life27/2/2015XBOne3
Pneuma: Breath of Life27/2/2015PC3
Pocket Pack: Estrategia DSiW18/6/2010NDS1
PocketStationAño 2015PSVITA1
PoisonvilleAño 2010PC2
Pokédex 3D eShop7/6/20113DS1
Pokémon Art Academy4/7/20143DS5
Pokémon Battle Revolution7/12/2007WII1
Pokémon Colosseum19/5/2004GCN1
Pokémon Conquest18/6/2012NDS5
Pokémon Edición Negra y Blanca4/3/2011NDS11
Pokémon Edición Negra y Blanca 211/10/2012NDS9
Pokémon Esmeralda27/10/2005GBA1
Pokémon Link: Battle! eShop13/3/20143DS1
Pokémon Mundo Misterioso: Exploradores del cielo20/11/2009NDS4
Pokémon Mundo Misterioso: Exploradores del Tiempo y de la Oscuridad4/7/2008NDS2
Pokémon Mundo Misterioso: Portales al Infinito17/5/20133DS5
Pokémon Oro y Plata26/3/2010NDS5
Pokémon Platino22/5/2009NDS6
Pokémon Ranger13/4/2007NDS1
Pokémon Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia10/11/2008NDS4
Pokémon Ranger: Trazos de Luz5/11/2010NDS1
Pokémon Rubí Omega & Zafiro Alfa28/11/20143DS22
Pokémon Rumble U eShop15/8/2013WiiU4
Pokémon Rumble WiiW20/11/2009WII1
Pokémon Rumble World eShop8/4/20153DS1
Pokémon say tap?Año 2011iPhone1
Pokémon Shuffle eShop18/2/20153DS2
Pokémon Trading Card Game1/10/2014iPhone1
Pokémon X/Y12/10/20133DS21
Pokémon XD: Tempestad Oscura18/11/2005GCN1
Poképark 2: Un mundo lleno de ilusiones23/3/2012WII5
PokéPark: Pikachu's Big Adventure9/7/2010WII5
Poker Night 226/4/2013PC3
Poker Night 2 PSN1/5/2013PS33
Poker Night 2 XBLA24/4/2013X3603
Poker Night at The Inventory22/11/2010PC2
Poker Smash XBLA6/2/2008X3604
Pole's Big AdventureAño 2009WII3
PollenAño 2015PC1
Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror21/10/2014PC1
Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror PSN25/2/2015PSVITA1
PonchoAño 2015PC1
PonchoAño 2015PS41
PonchoAño 2015WiiU1
Poncho PSNAño 2015PSVITA1
Pong TossAño 2008WII1
Ponte en Forma 2009Marzo 2009WII1
Ponte en forma 2010Octubre 2009WII1
Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation Año 2008NDS1
Pop Island DSiW12/3/2010NDS1
pop n' rhythm11/2/2010WII1
Pop Superstar: Entra en la Academia DSiW22/5/2009NDS1
Pop Them, Drop Them SAMEGAME30/1/2009WII2
Pop-Up Pirate!13/2/2009WII1
PoPoLoCrois Bokujou MonogatariAño 20153DS1
PopStar GuitarNoviembre 2008WII4
Populous DS27/2/2009NDS2
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants7/9/2012X3601
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants7/9/2012PS31
Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants7/9/2012PC1
PortalNoviembre 2007PC4
Portal 219/4/2011X36021
Portal 219/4/2011PS323
Portal 219/4/2011PC21
Portal Still Alive XBLA22/10/2008X3602
Post PetAño 2009NDS1
Postal 222/10/2004PC1
Postal 3CanceladoPS33
Postal III21/12/2011PC3
Postal IIICanceladoX3603
Power Gig: Rise of the SixStringAño 2010PS39
Power Gig: Rise of the SixStringAño 2010X3609
Power Rangers Megaforce29/11/20133DS2
Power Rangers OnlineCanceladoPC1
Power Rangers Samurai2/12/2011NDS1
Power Rangers Samurai2/12/2011WII1
Power Rangers Super Megaforce24/10/20143DS1
Power Stone Collection31/10/2006PSP1
Powershot Pinball Constructor8/6/2007NDS1
PowerUp ForeverAño 2009PS32
PowerUp Forever XBLA10/11/2008X3602
PreVaAño 2008PC1
Prey 2CanceladoPC3
Prey 2CanceladoX3603
Prey 2CanceladoPS33
Prey The StarsOctubre 2008NDS4
Primal Carnage31/10/2012PC2
Primal Carnage: ExtinctionAño 2015PS41
Primal Carnage: Extinction3/4/2015PC1
Primal Carnage: GenesisAño 2015PS42
Primal Carnage: GenesisAño 2015PC2
Primrose DSiW20/8/2010NDS1
Prince of Persia4/12/2008PS320
Prince of Persia4/12/2008X36020
Prince of Persia9/12/2008PC19
Prince of Persia ClassicAño 2012iPhone2
Prince of Persia Classic XBLA13/6/2007X3601
Prince of Persia: El Alma del Guerrero3/12/2004PS22
Prince of Persia: El Alma del Guerrero3/12/2004GCN2
Prince of Persia: El Alma del Guerrero3/12/2004XBOX2
Prince of Persia: El Alma del Guerrero3/12/2004PC2
Prince of Persia: El Rey Destronado4/12/2008NDS2
Prince of Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas20/5/2010PS310
Prince of Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas20/5/2010X36010
Prince of Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas20/5/2010WII3
Prince of Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas20/5/2010PSP2
Prince of Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas20/5/2010NDS2
Prince of Persia: Las Arenas Olvidadas3/6/2010PC8
Prince of Persia: Rival Swords2/4/2007WII5
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeAño 2003PC1
Prince of Persia: The Sands of TimeNoviembre 2003PS21
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time19/2/2004GCN1
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time19/2/2004XBOX1
Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame25/7/2013iPhone1
Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame25/7/2013Android1
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones7/12/2005PS22
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones7/12/2005GCN2
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones7/12/2005XBOX2
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones7/12/2005PC2
Princess DebutAño 2008NDS1
Princess on IceAño 2009NDS1
Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? 25/6/2009PSP10
Prison ArchitectAño 2015PC5
Prison Break26/3/2010PC3
Prison Break26/3/2010X3603
Prison Break26/3/2010PS33
Priston Tale 2: The Second EnigmaAño 2009PC4
Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2010Junio 2010PC2
Pro Cycling Manager 200925/6/2009PC1
Pro Cycling Manager 201221/6/2012PC1
Pro Cycling Manager 201320/6/2013PC1
Pro Cycling Manager 201420/6/2014PC1
Pro Evolution Soccer 200825/10/2007PS21
Pro Evolution Soccer 200825/10/2007X3601
Pro Evolution Soccer 200825/10/2007PS31
Pro Evolution Soccer 200825/10/2007PC1
Pro Evolution Soccer 200827/3/2008WII7
Pro Evolution Soccer 200916/10/2008PS36
Pro Evolution Soccer 200916/10/2008X3602
Pro Evolution Soccer 200916/10/2008PC2
Pro Evolution Soccer 20096/11/2008PSP1
Pro Evolution Soccer 200926/3/2009WII4
Pro Evolution Soccer 201022/10/2009PS311
Pro Evolution Soccer 201022/10/2009X36011
Pro Evolution Soccer 201022/10/2009PC3
Pro Evolution Soccer 201019/11/2009WII3
Pro Evolution Soccer 201130/9/2010PS310
Pro Evolution Soccer 201130/9/2010X36010
Pro Evolution Soccer 201128/10/2010WII6
Pro Evolution Soccer 201130/9/2010PC7
Pro Evolution Soccer 201128/10/2010PSP3
Pro Evolution Soccer 201128/10/2010PS24
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D25/3/20113DS2
Pro Evolution Soccer 201229/9/2011PC15
Pro Evolution Soccer 201229/9/2011PS322
Pro Evolution Soccer 201229/9/2011X36022
Pro Evolution Soccer 20124/11/2011WII2
Pro Evolution Soccer 201227/10/2011PS22
Pro Evolution Soccer 201227/10/2011PSP2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D30/11/20113DS1
Pro Evolution Soccer 201320/9/2012PS335
Pro Evolution Soccer 201320/9/2012X36035
Pro Evolution Soccer 201320/9/2012PC30
Pro Evolution Soccer 20135/12/20123DS1
Pro Evolution Soccer 20135/11/2012WII2
Pro Evolution Soccer 201419/9/2013PS332
Pro Evolution Soccer 201419/9/2013X36032
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014Rumoreado/Nunca existióPS41
Pro Evolution Soccer 201419/9/2013PC30
Pro Evolution Soccer 20147/11/2013PSP5
Pro Evolution Soccer 201513/11/2014PS416
Pro Evolution Soccer 201513/11/2014XBOne15
Pro Evolution Soccer 201513/11/2014PS36
Pro Evolution Soccer 201513/11/2014X3606
Pro Evolution Soccer 201513/11/2014PC6
Pro Evolution Soccer 426/11/2004XBOX3
Pro Evolution Soccer 415/10/2004PS23
Pro Evolution Soccer 426/11/2004PC3
Pro Evolution Soccer 5Noviembre 2005PSP1
Pro Evolution Soccer 68/2/2007NDS1
Pro Foosball PSN20/2/2013PS31
Pro Golfer SaruWII1
Pro Zombie Soccer19/10/2010iPhone2
Professor Layton y el futuro perdido22/10/2010NDS2
Professor Layton y la Caja de Pandora25/9/2009NDS2
Professor Layton y la Villa Misteriosa7/11/2008NDS1
Project 575Año 2015PSVITA1
Project AftermathAño 2009PC1
Project AliceAño 2008PC1
Project C.E.L.L.Año 2015PC1
Project CarsCanceladoPS34
Project CarsCanceladoX3604
Project CarsAño 2015WiiU19
Project Cars7/5/2015PC21
Project Cars7/5/2015XBOne17
Project Cars7/5/2015PS418
Project CIDERAño 2015WiiU1
Project CIDERAño 2015PC1
Project CubeAño 2009X3601
Project DivaAño 2009PSP1
Project E:stCanceladoPC1
Project Fantasm: AAño 2015Android1
Project Fantasm: AAño 2015iPhone1
Project Giant RobotAño 2015WiiU5
Project GODUSAño 2015PC4
Project Gotham Racing 415/10/2007X3603
Project GuardAño 2015WiiU4
Project HonAño 2015PC2
Project KaneCanceladoPS31
Project OffsetCanceladoPC2
Project OffsetCanceladoX3602
Project OffsetCanceladoPS32
Project PhoenixAño 2015PC1
Project PhoenixAño 2015iPhone1
Project PhoenixAño 2015Android1
Project PowderPC1
Project Root28/4/2015XBOne1
Project Root28/4/2015PS41
Project Root28/4/2015PSVITA1
Project Runway28/5/2010WII1
Project SAño 2009PC1
Project Spark7/10/2014XBOne9
Project Spark7/10/2014PC9
Project Sylpheed29/6/2007X3602
Project Temporality20/5/2014PC1
Project Totem XBLACanceladoX3601
Project TreasureAño 2015WiiU1
Project X Zone5/7/20133DS13
Project X Zone 2: Brave New WorldAño 20153DS1
Project Zero 2Abril 2004PS21
Project Zero 2: Wii Edition29/6/2012WII4
Project Zero 33/3/2006PS21
Project Zero 4Año 2009WII9
Project: Snowblind4/3/2005PS22
Project: Snowblind4/3/2005XBOX2
Project: Snowblind23/3/2005PC2
ProminenceAño 2015PC1
Proteus PSN30/10/2013PS32
Proteus PSN30/10/2013PSVITA2
Protöthea WiiW23/10/2009WII2
Prototype 224/4/2012PS330
Prototype 224/4/2012X36030
Prototype 2Julio 2012PC29
ProximityHD XBLA20/2/2008X3601
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory HappinessAño 2015XBOne1
Psyscrolr eShopAño 2015WiiU3
PT Boats: Knights of the SeaAño 2009PC3
Pucca Misión Besos WiiW4/2/2011WII1
Pucca Noodle Rush3/2/2011iPhone1
Pucca Noodle Rush DSiW18/2/2011NDS1
Puddle eShop30/11/2012WiiU2
Puddle PSNEnero 2012PS32
Puddle PSN1/8/2012PSVITA1
Puddle XBLAEnero 2012X3602
Puffins: Island AdventureAbril 2009NDS1
Pullblox eShop8/12/20113DS1
Pullblox World eShop19/6/2014WiiU2
Pure Chess16/4/2014PS41
Pure Chess eShop20/3/20143DS1
Pure Chess eShop20/3/2014WiiU1
Pure Chess PSN11/4/2012PS31
Pure Chess PSN11/4/2012PSVITA1
Pure Football27/5/2010X3604
Pure Football27/5/2010PS34
Pure Pool30/7/2014PS41
Pure Pool14/11/2014XBOne1
Pursuit Force Justicia Extrema15/12/2007PSP5
Puyo Pop 7Diciembre 2009PSP3
Puyo Pop 7Año 2009WII3
Puyo Pop 7Año 2009NDS3
Puyo Pop FeverAbril 2006NDS1
Puyo Puyo TetrisAño 2015WiiU4
Puyo Puyo TetrisAño 20153DS4
Puyo Puyo TetrisAño 2015PSVITA4
Puyo Puyo TetrisAño 2015PS34
Puzzle & Dragons4/12/2013iPhone2
Puzzle & Dragons4/12/2013Android2
Puzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition8/5/20153DS5
Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. EditionAño 20153DS2
Puzzle Agent: Pilot ProgramJunio 2010PC1
Puzzle Agent: Pilot Program WiiWCanceladoWII1
Puzzle Bobble Galaxy28/8/2009NDS1
Puzzle Bobble Universe22/4/20113DS2
Puzzle Chronicles22/4/2010PS31
Puzzle Chronicles18/2/2010NDS1
Puzzle Chronicles18/2/2010PSP1
Puzzle Chronicles25/6/2010PC1
Puzzle Chronicles XBLA21/4/2010X3601
Puzzle Dimension PSN29/6/2011PS31
Puzzle League DS29/6/2007NDS1
Puzzle Quest 2 XBLA22/6/2010X3603
Puzzle Quest Galactrix13/3/2008PC1
Puzzle Quest Galactrix13/3/2008NDS1
Puzzle Quest Galactrix XBLA8/4/2009X3601
Puzzle Rocks DSiW3/6/2011NDS1
Puzzle To Go Diddle DSiW2/4/2010NDS1
Puzzle to Go Planetas y del espacio DSiW18/2/2011NDS1
Puzzlegeddon PSNAño 2010PS31
Puzzlegeddon XBLA16/12/2009X3601
Pyramids eShop20/10/20113DS1
PyramidVille Adventure26/1/2012iPhone1
PyroBlazerAño 2008WII5
PyroBlazerAño 2008PSP2