Noticia: Dead Rising 2 podría mostrar hasta 6.000 zombis en pantalla

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Para new von croy ver.2:
no es por nada pero tienes el sindrome de wii??? o es que la wii te acompleja????  
anterior nick masterofnanto sigo con mis acciones de nintendo,a alguien le debo caer bien en este foro, porque soy el mas expulsado je je nintendo forever. vengo del vortex paralelo a esta dimension Xd by zitloid mi amijo
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Para el que se rio de la informacion de los 3000 orcos en Kameo:

One of the most infamous scenes that has come from this game shows 'The Badlands' (the central hub for the game world that links all of the game's areas together) literally covered with fully rendered and animated models that count in the numerous thousands. Kameo will have to traverse this field over a number of occasions during her adventure and the amount of enemies will increase as the storyline progresses. By the time the finale of the game rolls around, expect to see thousands of trolls, ogres and elves dukeing it out, dragons flying overhead, huge siege vehicles raining death from afar and remarkably with all of this carnage filling the screen, the game still manages to run without any noticeable drop in the framerate.

Kameo: Elements of Power Preview
360 Preview | Rare decides to pit a fairy against 3000 trolls.


El numero exacto no lo se, pero si mal no recuerdo Rare comento el numero, y si no eran 3000 era un numero muy cercano.


Aqui mas info al respecto:

If you've seen the footage of the hillside covered with hundreds of characters you may have a slight idea of what the game currently looks like. At the first encounter there are over 3000 trolls on screen before 1000 elves launch an attack from a nearby valle

En total 5000 personajes contando dragones, troles gigantescos y catapultas. Obviamente todo eso se ve en una escena.

Y una mas:

As Kameo sat on a horse enjoying the pleasant surroundings, a staggering 3,000 trolls rushed over a hill, straight towards her. She then rushed through the pack knocking trolls out of the way like they were dominoes - think Lord of the Rings. Seeing over 3,000 characters on screen at the same, all knocking seven bells out of each other almost made us faint. But when another pack of 3,000 trolls came over a different hill, it was almost too much to take in. You don't get to see over 6,000 characters running, fighting, shouting and screaming on the same screen every day.

No se si aun quede duda de que se pueden mostrar en pantalla tantos personajes. En un juego de primera gen.

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Kameo: Elements of Power Preview
360 Preview | Rare decides to pit a fairy against 3000 trolls.

No es para tanto... ¿3mil trolls? Este foro a veces muestra más en pantalla xDDD
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Para m0st0:

No habia caido en eso... trolls
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6000 zombies no es mucho. Ni creo que den para mucho juego a menos que tengas un arsenal de guerra en el juego.

Pero de conseguirlo con una calidad gráfica decente y posibilidades jugables acordes puede salir algo MUY gordo.
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