Video: Baja - Inteligencia artificial

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#1  Enviado: 15:17 03/08/2008

Los desarrolladores explican la inteligencia artificial de este juego de carreras.
Los desarrolladores explican la inteligencia artificial de este juego de carreras.
Echoes of a distant future
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#2  Enviado: 15:38 03/08/2008

Viendo el título del vídeo, creí que iba a ser un vídeo mostrando la IA de los enemigos de RE 5.
Oh... so now, after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me. 35 years I lived on this island, And all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions... All those slips of paper, all those lists... And I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, you have to wait. You have to be patient. But when he asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if was Moses. So... why him? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?! (Benjamin Linus)  --LOST-- Season 6--2010--Destiny Found. // "Sois inútiles, no llegáis a la altura de Van Dammaricón" (by Armanditoh)
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#3  Enviado: 15:44 03/08/2008

Viendo el video pensaba que era excite truck next gen o algo asi  Smilie
H  A  L  O     R  E  A  C  H
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#4  Enviado: 16:34 03/08/2008

Que juego mas horroroso, con esos graficos PS2 HD... Smilie
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