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#16  Enviado: 12:24 25/09/2009

Entrevista que ha dado a Dengeki

Dengeki: You're showing 人喰いの大鷲トリコ (The Last Guardian) for the first time here in Japan at the Tokyo Game Show. What can we expect?

Fumito Ueda: A considerable amount of information was presented in June's E3 trailer so naturally this time around there are fewer things to share. That said, we do show the game's primary concept, and I think you can also see we've successfully merged the organic collision deformation from Shadow of the Colossus with the artificial intelligence of ICO. I am sure this could not have been achieved with previous consoles so it was only because of the PlayStation 3 and the power it's capable of that this was accomplished. In the past we've faced incredible technical challenges and you could say working with The Last Guardian was not any different since we're trying to do something completely new. We've also found new ways to develop and tell the story in a game.

Dengeki: The logo for 人喰いの大鷲トリコ is quite unique, isn't it?

Ueda: We're using three different fonts for the logo. It's a bit like Toriko's design where we create an amalgamation of different elements to create something quite mismatched. We did that to show there are many elements that form the game. The logo is also a mixture of an adult-like and childish handwriting. I wanted all these things included in the typeface.

Dengeki: In the game, is the boy on good terms with Toriko and does the relationship change as the game progresses?

Ueda: Well, the reply to this question is tied to the story so I'd like to avoid answering because that would somewhat spoil the game. What I'll say is that while Toriko does listen to you it's essentially a wild creature so it won't always do what you'd like it to 100% of the time. We've created a fine balance between Toriko's wild nature and what the player desires.

Dengeki: What message are you trying to pass on to the fans with this new trailer?

Ueda: This trailer's all about the giant eagle Toriko, as you can see. I wanted to show how it moves naturally. I don't know whether you've noticed or not, but every body part is animated. Toriko's whiskers move and after a while its ears move independently. I wanted fans to notice those movements.

Dengeki: What's the most different thing in this game compared to your previous efforts?

Ueda: The natural expressions of an animal. With Shadow of the Colossus and its console, PlayStation 2, we were limited as to what we could achieve. We had to cut out an incredible volume of information. Now we don't have to do that anymore. Everything's expressed naturally, even the movement of the eyes. If the object of attention moves, so do the eyes of the characters following it. We're also able to express for the first time, thanks to the new hardware, the ferocious behaviour of wild animals. I hope we did a good job on that.

Dengeki: What were your inspirations for this particular game?

Ueda: I have many obviously. To name two, E.T. and My Neighbour Totoro. We've also looked at the charm and qualities of different animals, but not only that - we've focused on the wild behaviour of these animals as well.

Dengeki: I'm really intrigued by the sounds the creature does.

Ueda: It's strange isn't it? I like that too. It's always the same creature but it produces a variety of sounds.

Dengeki: Do you have a message for your fans?

Ueda: Like you can imagine, we're feeling pressure but we're doing our very best so not only we meet your expectations but surpass them. Please wait a little more and look forward to the game.

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In Ueda I trust
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Otra entrevista.

Eurogamer: Why do you think ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are still so popular with hardcore gamers, all these years after their release?

Fumito Ueda: I don't really know myself. Actually, they were originally designed for the Japanese market but they spread to the US and Europe afterwards. That was fully analysed but even now, I don't really know what the reason was for the games spreading so much to other regions.

Eurogamer: Did you find that Europeans had more in common with Japanese gamers than you perhaps thought?

Fumito Ueda: Actually, I knew there were commonalities between Europe and Japan, so it wasn't a big surprise.

Eurogamer: David Cage has said he sees you as an "artist", but you've said you don't see it that way. Why do you think people say that about you?

Fumito Ueda: I majored in arts in college, so I'm very honoured to be described as an artist. Since I joined Sony I'm working for them as an employee, so I'm more orientated towards developing a product rather than artistic work.

Eurogamer: But your games are not so obviously as commercial a product as, say, a sports game with a famous footballer on the cover. They're quite distinctive and different from most titles out there. So how do you strike that balance between producing artistic work and producing a commercially successful product?

Fumito Ueda: I don't really think about that kind of balance. Basically, I just try to create something that I would enjoy playing myself. I don't play football games myself, so maybe that's one reason.

Eurogamer: Regarding the leak of the Last Guardian E3 trailer prior to Sony's conference - do you know where that leak came from?

Fumito Ueda: No, I don't know where it came from. Do you?

Eurogamer: It wasn't me... Was the leak disappointing? Did it make you change your plans for revealing the game?

Fumito Ueda: Yes, it was slightly disappointing. Everybody was working so hard to make that trailer for E3, staying up the whole night - then the next day it was leaked, and everybody was so surprised.

Eurogamer: Is there any significance to the fact the music used in the trailer is from Miller's Crossing?

Fumito Ueda: It has nothing to do with the movie. I liked the movie from the start and I had the CD soundtrack on my table, and I found the music matched with the image of this product. That's why I picked it.

Eurogamer: Are you hoping to also use the music in the finished game?

Fumito Ueda: It's just being used for the trailer.

Eurogamer: Is The Last Guardian set in the same world as ICO?

Fumito Ueda: I don't know yet.

Eurogamer: So you haven't decided - or you're just not saying?

Fumito Ueda: I haven't decided yet. Originally even for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, we didn't plan to have the same setting between the two, but they ended up sharing the setting by the end.

Eurogamer: Is there any possibility we might see characters from those games appearing in The Last Guardian?

Fumito Ueda: No, I don't think so.

Eurogamer: Many people would describe ICO as a puzzle game with combat elements. Would you say the same description applies to The Last Guardian?

Fumito Ueda: I think there will be a bit less combat in The Last Guardian.

Eurogamer: So there will be more of an emphasis on puzzling?

Fumito Ueda: Yes.

Eurogamer: Will the game feature the same exploration-based puzzles we've seen in previous titles? How does introducing the character of Torico change the dynamic?

Fumito Ueda: We'll have larger objects in this new game, and that will be a big difference compared to previous titles. It will be a more dynamic type of game.

Eurogamer: How does the full physics engine in The Last Guardian help you to develop the gameplay?

Fumito Ueda: We've used a lot of physics elements in the previous games, but this time around we've introduced a full-scale physics element into the game. So that generated some consequences and features that we never expected to see. I think this will mean the game turns out to have some good things we never expected before.

Eurogamer: Have you had a chance to experiment with the PS3 motion controller?

Fumito Ueda: Not at this point.

Eurogamer: From what you've seen in the demonstrations, do you see potential for making the motion controller work with The Last Guardian or perhaps another project?

Fumito Ueda: I have an interest in it, but I have no plans at this point.

Eurogamer: Can you explain the thinking behind the design of the Torico character?

Fumito Ueda: When we came up with this animal, we wanted to make an attractive and cute kind of character. We also created this design to match up with and comply with the game design itself. So that's how we decided on the size, the quality of the character and its physical capabilities - it was about fitting with the game design.

Eurogamer: Did you consider using any other animals?

Fumito Ueda: We ended up having this animal which was much closer in style to the cat, but we also had some other options - a dog-type of cat and also a camel-type character.

Eurogamer: I understand you can't control Torico directly, but you take advantage of the animal's characteristics to interact with the environment. Can you give us an example of how this works?

Fumito Ueda: For example, if you have access to one of Torico's favourite foods or objects, you can throw it to a place where you wouldn't be able to go in normal circumstances.

Eurogamer: So let's say I throw the food to a ledge across a big gap - I can then jump onto Torico and the animal will take me across?

Fumito Ueda: Exactly.

Eurogamer: People often try to describe the visual style of your games, but how would you describe it?

Fumito Ueda: It's basically based on my senses. I haven't really analysed what my visual style is like. As I go through the process I decide - I like it this way, or I don't like it this way - and that's how I develop my style.

Eurogamer: What lessons did you learn from developing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus? Is there anything you want to change or improve upon in The Last Guardian?

Fumito Ueda: Basically, my theory is to complete what I intended to do. It's the same theory I always employ. And because the development cycle was so long for this product, I threw in a lot of trials and errors and faced a lot of problems along the way. I tried to remember what I wanted to do originally for this game through the whole process and to try to complete that. Whatever I achieved in the past was evaluated and appreciated by the market, so that's what I focused on throughout.

Eurogamer: I've been looking at the list of games in the Tokyo Game Show brochure and next to each one, there's a little box with a figure denoting what percentage of the game is complete - 30 or 50 or 80 per cent... But in the box for The Last Guardian, there's just a question mark. Is that your choice?

Fumito Ueda: Yes, that's right, because I don't want to say much about it yet.

Eurogamer: I guess in that case, you won't tell me when the game is being released either...

Fumito Ueda: Exactly [laughs]. We want to avoid releasing an incomplete version.

Eurogamer: Are you hoping for a simultaneous release in Europe and Japan?

Fumito Ueda: I hope to see that, yes.
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De-mon, puto crack estás hecho, genial post. Por cierto, te agregué a la PSN y tienes la lista de amigos petada xd.

Lo que realmente me interesa a mí son las innovaciones en los dispositivos de salida, poder transmitir al jugador más emociones desde el juego.

Cito al igual que Lorre, este tío es el puto amo y punto. Desde que su grandeza a nivel global e internacional se confirmó con SOTC, es el tío que más admiro del mundillo y sin duda, el programador con más feeling y genialidad del momento.
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Hay como 30 personas pidiendo agregarme, el problema es que no se a quién quitar...  

Edit; otra entrevista.

The Japanese title of The Last Guardian is much longer than the English one. Can you explain what the Japanese title means?

Initially, the project started as "Project Torico." In the past, we haven't used the project name in the actual title of the game. For example, Shadow of the Colossus (Wanda to Kyozo) had a different project name, "Nico." I wanted the project name to be in the title this time, but it wasn't so well received by the international crew. They said a more simple, more direct title would be better. My hope, or my intention is that the Japanese title is the original title of the game.

[A literal translation of the title, as suggested by Sony in the presence of Ueda, was "Man Eating Giant Eagle: Torico."]

What relationship does Torico have with Ico and Shadow of the Colossus? Even the name is very similar.

It's true that the original project names do have some kind of connection. It's actually a pun, with the first one being "Ico" (one), the second one being "Nico" (two), and the third one being "Torico" (three).

There is some meaning behind the project names. "Nico" was initially thought of using the Network in some way. "Torico" is the third one; "Tori" is the Japanese word for bird and the beast has some bird-like features.

"Nico" didn't eventually end up having Network connectivity. However, do you see The Last Guardian taking advantage of the PlayStation Network in any way?

There are some plans, but it's really a big question mark whether it will be realistically achievable. So, I can't really explain the content of it.

Many gamers may have missed Ico or Shadow of the Colossus on PS2. Do you, or Sony, have any plans to reintroduce those games on the PS3?

There isn't any concrete activity on that, but I do have a great interest in it.

SCE's Shuhei Yoshida once called you Sony's "Olympic Team" for releasing a high-quality game every four years. Obviously, The Last Guardian isn't going to make that four year benchmark. Why?

We initially had difficulty in understanding the PS3.

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Many gamers may have missed Ico or Shadow of the Colossus on PS2. Do you, or Sony, have any plans to reintroduce those games on the PS3?

There isn't any concrete activity on that, but I do have a great interest in it.

Vamos Ueda! coge por los huevos a Kaz Hirai y pidele acceso para un Ico&SotC a 60fps, 720p y demo del The Last Guardian
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#21  Enviado: 19:19 25/09/2009

 por favor no olvideis a los fans de Ueda que no entendemos mucho de ingles jeje, alquien tiene la paciencia de traducir lo mas importante e interesante de esas entrevistas¿? GRACIAS.


Gracias De-mon

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#22  Enviado: 19:27 25/09/2009

Lo que dice acerca de los dispositivos de salida me ha encantado, estoy completamente de acuerdo.

Menudo genio y menuda obra maestra nos espera.
Hay rastros de infección en tus iris, tú no posees genes de conexión..
#23  Enviado: 10:25 26/09/2009

Nada de demos! xD

Lo de los disposito de salida es la ostia, cuando juegué a Ico me imaginé un cacharro que escupiese viento fresquito cuando ibas por las zonas altas del castillo xD
Espero que no hagan uno para emular olores, al menos no en este juego, perdería la magia si olisesemos durante el juego el olor a caca de gato. Yo al menos me alejaría de su culo.
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#24  Enviado: 10:35 26/09/2009

Traduciré lo más importante en el post principal, no te preocupes, pero cuando pase el TGS.
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#25  Enviado: 10:44 26/09/2009

Adoro a Ueda y me encanta al opinión que tiene sobre los dispositivos de salida y como no parece tener interés (al menos de momento) en tanta chorrada de detección de movimientos.

Ahora bien, ni tráiler, ni imágenes ni nada más, yo me aguanto hasta que salga sin ver nada más salvo alguna entrevista de este tipo y ruego por dios que no haya demo del juego.
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#26  Enviado: 13:50 26/09/2009

¿No os da la impresión de que ya hemos visto que ocurrirá en el momento de guardar partida y de que hará el gatopájaro mientras el chico lee alguna pista sobre algún puzzle?

Dengeki: What were your inspirations for this particular game?

Ueda: I have many obviously. To name two,E.T. and My Neighbour Totoro  . We've also looked at the charm and qualities of different animals, but not only that - we've focused on the wild behaviour of these animals as well.


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#27  Enviado: 15:04 26/09/2009

Qué ganas le tengo a este juego  

Demon, la cabecera es simplemente dios   , no esperaba menos para este juego.
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#28  Enviado: 18:08 26/09/2009

Me gusta eso de que va a haber incluso menos combate que en ICO, usea, puzzles puzzles  
#29  Enviado: 18:29 26/09/2009

Este juego sera una absoluta pasada.
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#30  Enviado: 14:54 27/09/2009

Este juego probablemente complete la mejor trilogia de la historia de los videojuegos sin lugar a dudas.

No ha salido aun y ya quiero que se filtre algo de un cuarto proyecto xDD
Vilmaaaa, abreme la puerta!!!!  San Pedrito Canario yayo yayo
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